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Submitted by • April 10, 2013 Website: is a site devoted to the mass pinger who wants to garner a larger amount of pings for multiple websites in a short amount of time.

The site is definitely no frills with a singular box for uploading URLs. There are no expansive lists bombarding the homepage and no ornate tabs that take you through a series of how to do’s.

The site is relevantly self-explanatory and can quickly provide you with a 1000 URL ping in a matter of seconds.

The downsides are pretty often in this ping site. The sites to which the pings are being sent are readily available but there are no selections to make. They are going simply where they are going.

Further, you can garner access to this information only through a zip file. The zip file must be opened to see the entire list, not like other mass pinging sites that have it readily visible.

There is a rather low limit on the amount of pings that can be set in relation to some sites where way over a thousand pings can be sent.

All in all this is a basic site for mass pinging that is great for the newbie but the more advanced pingers may find a bit frustrating.

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    Howdy Admin :) i’m glad that i have found your site and more glad to know that my tool is reviewed here. Thank you!

    … must correct and add some details about … initially was build for personal use and it is though to not harm your back-links nor to stress search engines about new pages or updates… is very simple and probably the most powerful tool to ping/index just because you don’t have to chose any services as the tool it is based on a powerful spinner engine that randomly selects keywords and services (+150) for every link submitted to the ping process… basically the tool does not ping the same page with the same keyword on the same service… EVER!

    Don’t want to make this an advert, but BackLinkPing even if it looks a LOT like others i have rebuild the idea from the ground up and is the fastest and safest ping service available ;) Thanks!

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